Auldhouse Anywhere

Auldhouse Anywhere

Our range of Auldhouse Anywhere courses enable you to join live classroom training online – saving you time and money on travel.

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Discover the benefits of taking a course online at your own pace.

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Auldhouse deliver a number of vendor specific webinars. Webinars give you an effective training option with the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere.

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SKY has no limits with Auldhouse's flexible and proactive training

To stay at the top of its game, SKY provides ongoing learning and development opportunities for over 1,100 staff across a diverse range of business units. 

Click here to find out why they give Auldhouse the 'thumbs up' when it comes to meeting every technical training challenge in the book. 

Datacom delighted with Auldhouse Microsoft Azure training

To keep ahead of customer demand Datacom needed to train a large number of their Cloud specialists, all with varying levels of skill and experience, in Microsoft Azure. 

Click here to read about how Auldhouse provided tailored training which Datacom says is 'spot on' for their needs.

Nelson Marlborough Health upskilled - and fast!

When Microsoft decided to cease support of Office 2007 as of 11 of October 2017, NMH needed to schedule a rapid roll out of a newer Office version. With only two weeks in which to source and start training, NMH needed to find a great training provider, and fast!

Click here to read about how NMH worked with Auldhouse to achieve the perfect training solution. 

XRB upskill, and become Surface pros with Auldhouse

When an organisation-wide roll out of new Surface Pros was announced, the XRB team responded enthusiastically. They welcomed the opportunity to learn how to use their devices more efficiently, as well as refresh and upgrade their software skills.

Click here to read about how the External Reporting Board (XRB) worked with Auldhouse to maximise their investment in new technology.

Auldhouse training supports major technology overhaul at Downer

To ensure the success of a new operating environment Downer enlisted Auldhouse to bring 2200 staff from 70 locations up-to-speed with the latest Microsoft technology.

Click here to read about how Downer upgraded their IT systems without disruptions to their business by employing Auldhouse as their technology training partner. 

Seamless training enables swift email system upgrade at AsureQuality

When AsureQuality decided it was time to move to a new state-of-the-art email system, it realised training its people on the new technology would be vital.

Click here to read about how the food safety and biosecurity services provider planned to upgrade from Novell's GroupWise email software to Microsoft Outlook 2013, but needed to ensure all staff were proficient with the new system as soon as it was rolled out.