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ITIL® Certification

The IT Infrastructure Library™ (ITIL) defines a holistic process framework  that recasts IT from a product developer to a service provider. In this way, IT aligns with the needs of the business by proactively managing all aspects of the  production environment.

ITIL Foundation Certification

The ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management provides IT  professionals and managers with the essential skills needed to deliver  customer-centric, cost-justified, and business-driven IT services. Our ITIL Foundation course helps IT leaders understand ITIL terminology, processes, and  innovations that can change the way they do business.

The ITIL Foundation Certificate is worth two credits in the ITIL Qualification Scheme.

ITIL Intermediate Modules

Following ITIL Foundation, you can specialize your expertise at the Intermediate ITIL level, which offers two education paths, or streams. The first, ITIL Service Lifecycle, consists of five modules that are ideal for managers or leaders who need to understand how to manage and coordinate the ITIL practice areas. The ITIL Service Lifecycle modules also benefit those who need to  provide justification for investing in IT services.

The second stream, ITIL Service Capability, consists of four certifications, or  qualifications, that focus on specific phases of the ITIL Service Lifecycle,  with emphasis on process activities and their execution and use. If your job role focuses on one area of ITIL or you need detailed, process-level knowledge,  the Service Capability modules are for you.

In the ITIL Qualification Scheme, all ITIL Service Lifecycle certifications are worth three credits, and all ITIL Service Capability qualifications are worth four credits.

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC)

The MALC qualification is the capstone of the ITIL Intermediate level. Because  this qualification requires in-depth knowledge of the ITIL lifecycle and its  principles, you may train for and take the exam only after earning the ITIL Foundation certification as well as 15 credits from the ITIL Service Lifecycle and Capabilities modules. The MALC qualification is worth five credits in the ITIL Qualification Scheme.

ITIL Expert Certification

Obtaining the ITIL Expert certification demonstrates an advanced understanding of ITIL. To take the exam, you must have an ITIL Foundation Certificate or  v2-to-v3 Bridge certificate and 17 credits from the ITIL Intermediate level  (five of which are earned from Managing Across the Lifecycle).

In order to earn all 22 credits required to qualify for the ITIL Expert  certification, you must earn qualifications from modules that do not contain  overlapping content. If two qualifications have a high degree of overlapping  subject matter, only the credit earned from one of the qualifications will be considered.

ITIL Master Qualification

Senior-level IT service managers, executives, and consultants with more than five years of relevant experience and who have earned the ITIL Expert  certification are eligible to earn the ITIL Master qualification. Instead of  taking a written exam, you must explain how you applied your knowledge and  understanding of ITIL to implement a solution in a real-life situation. In addition, you must submit a Work Package for review and attend an interview to support it.


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