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ITIL Practitioner: Enabling Critical Competencies v3

3 Days
$2,450 excl GST
3 Days
$2,450 excl GST
Knowledge of ITIL good practices alone does not guarantee the success of IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives.
ITIL practices need to be “Adopted” and “Adapted” to the specific circumstances and requirements of the organisation. But how is that done? How do we ensure that changes to our ITSM approach will deliver real value to the business? And how can changes and improvements be sustained over time with minimum risk and the highest likelihood of success?
To answer these important questions we need to focus on:
* Continual Improvement
* Organisational Change Management
* Communications
* Measurements & Metrics

Auldhouse is the Authorised Delivery Partner for Pink Elephant.

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Course Outline (PDF)


This intensive 3-day course introduces the Guiding Principles critical to embedding a culture of Continual Service Improvement (CSI), specifically:

  • Focusing On Value - as determined by the customer
  • Designing For Experience - ensuring the customer and user experiences with IT services are positive
  • Starting From Where You Are - leveraging what you already have and resisting the temptation to "start from scratch"
  • Working Holistically - integrating hardware and software, data, processes, architectures, metrics, tools, people and partners
  • Progressing Iteratively - defining short-term wins and delivering the large, valuable outcomes through small, easier-to-manage activities
  • Observing Directly - basing decisions on accurate and relevant data
  • Being Transparent - to avoid resistance to change and foster trust
  • Collaboration - getting the right people involved in the right ways
  • Keeping It Simple - by eliminating activities that do not add value

Participants will receive a toolkit that includes relevant references from existing ITIL publications, worksheets, templates, case studies and scenarios and recommended value-added reading

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use the foundational ITIL concepts that are important drivers for improvement initiatives
  • Apply the ITSM Guiding Principles of a service-oriented approach to IT
  • Apply ITIL's CSI Approach in a given organisational context
  • Use metrics and measurements to enable improvements
  • Communicate effectively as part of improvement initiatives
  • Address the people side of improvements through the application of Organisational Change Management practices


You must have attained the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management to participate in this course.

Additional Information:

Exam, Certification & Awards

This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the ITIL Practitioner Certificate.

  • A 1 hour 45-minute exam is scheduled on the last day of the course
  • The exam is open book and the "ITIL® Practitioner Guidance" publication is allowed for reference during the exam
  • The exam consists of Multiple Choice Questions based on a scenario. Sample case scenarios will be used during the course. A passing mark of 70% is required to achieve certification
  • On successful completion of the exam you will attain 3 ITIL credits towards the ITIL Expert certification

A complimentary copy of the "ITIL Practitioner Guidance" publication by Axelos will be provided on Day 1 of the public course and will be sent to students attending the virtual course

ITIL Practitioner FAQ's - AXELOS

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Please take special note of the course prerequisites as it is important that you meet these requirements before attending the course. If you have any questions about dates or locations please dont hesitate to make an enquiry contact us on 0800 835 835.

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