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Agile Certified Professional (Fundamentals)

3 Days
$2,500 excl GST
3 Days
$2,500 excl GST
Far more than a “Fundamentals” course, the ICP is an industry standard professional certification that covers a thorough grounding in Agile and understands how Agile compares to such practices as Scrum, XP, DevOps, SAFe, RAD and others.

We turn the focus of this class from a pure fundamental class to giving you the tools and knowledge to not only truly understand Agile, but to take that understanding back to your organisation and make a difference.

Learn why almost 30% of standard projects fail compared to just 9% for similar sized projects where Agile is accepted. Why 4 times as many projects are successful when using Agile compared to using standard project methodology (Standish Group, the study of more than 10,000 projects 2011-2015).

More importantly, learn how you can make that difference in your teams.


The course will cover the following content and more:

  • Introduction
  • Agile, why is it successful?
  • The Agile Team
  • The Customer and
  • Agile Disciplines
  • Key Practices
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Release Planning
  • The Build process
  • Story writing
  • Epics, Features Tasks, Bugs, and Spikes
  • Story Pointing
  • Iterations
  • Charting and communication
  • Adaptations and learning

Target Audience:

The ICP is intended for all team members and those working with Agile teams. An Agile team includes all those tasked with building and delivering the project including the builders/developers, testers, designers, business analysts, project managers and anyone else aligned with delivery.

Not just for project teams: The ICP can and has been delivered to teams that have nothing to do with either software, product development, or even projects. Our trainers have assisted organisations to move towards a full Agile working model and mindset that increases value and throughput and become more transparent and able to cope with change. This transparency and the way that course attendees work allows the team and the organisation to appreciate the work undertaken, monitor (and have a way to handle) disruptions, and showcase their achievements.

It is appropriate for those new to agile, and for practitioners who recognize the need to focus on "being" agile in addition to "doing" agile. Suitable for entire teams, managers involved in Agile teams, entire organisations undergoing change, and for Consultants looking to gain understanding, marketable skills, and the certified qualification to show it.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Additional Information:

This is a fun, but intense 3 days of learning. There is no exam at the end, only your active participation and full attendance is required.

The course is made up of a mixture of training, discussions, active group exercises, and games. Participants get a chance to discuss both hypothetical situations and some items from their own experiences.

The feedback we receive shows that, while the learning and the certifications are important, it is these discussions, group exercises, and the combined experiences of people in different situations that give the extra value to those attending. These experiences cannot be gained from reading or online courses.

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Please take special note of the course prerequisites as it is important that you meet these requirements before attending the course. If you have any questions about dates or locations please dont hesitate to make an enquiry contact us on 0800 835 835.

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